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Hengshui hangyu China aviation machinery tool manufacturing co. Ltd

It has perfect mechanical processing and design and manufacturing capacity of casting, forging, gold cutting, heat treatment, plating, scraping of pincer bed, precision processing and testing, etc., with the casting weight of 30 tons, 12,000 x 3200 x 2500 (mm) of planer


No. 839, western daqing road, hengshui city, hebei

province, China

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Fixed assets 60 million yuan, enterprise staff 860, 108 technicians, 36 senior technicians, 192 technicians. Has passed iso9001:

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In 1980, it was transferred to the production of civil goods, mainly producing: Cast iron, nodular cast iron and rock flatness measuring and inspection tools, railway equipment, hydraulic pipe fittings and assembly, engineering rubber, etc., in recent years, together with the universities and colleges, research institutes dedicated research and development of the industry of large platform, test equipment and fixtures, ensure the smooth completion of the tasks, key projects, product marketing throughout the country, and exported to Japan, the United States and other dozens of countries and regions, our factory professional maintenance personnel in the outside, all the year round for the user to repair flatness measuring and inspection tools and machine tool equipment, no matter where you are, when to meet with difficulties, our staff always on your side to serve you.